Krishna Catering Wellington
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Hare Krishna Plate black Hare Krishna Plate yellow


Hare Krishna Plate black Hare Krishna Plate yellow


Looking for some wholesome, yummy plant-based vegan catering menu?

Leave the cooking magic to us!
This ain’t no aeroplane food.

Our full Krishna Food menu is available to you! Fuel your family, friends and colleagues, in meetings, special events, parties, conferences, weddings, you name it! We are happy to accommodate big or small catering gigs in the Wellington region. Surprise your guests with mouthwatering vegan food catered to satisfy even the most traditional folks! Italian? Indian? Mexican? Chinese? Finger food? Pick your weapon. Your guests are sure to be struck with wonder at the wide variety our chefs are capable of catering for you. Wellington is a hot spot for world travellers, and the Krishna Food staff are trained expertly to fulfil the desires of all with authentic cultural dishes. Get in touch to discuss your party’s theme and how we can match your taste.

Email Lari Call Us at +6427 220 8475

How many people do you require catering for? Our pricing works on a sliding scale, the more people, the less it costs per person.
Have no fear! We are open to discuss your budget and work with you to cater anything from snacks and finger food to buffets or banquets.<div> With all of the events happening in Wellington, we’re ready to be apart of your scene and make sure everyone is accommodated with fresh, vegan food, even while living it up at local festivals and parties.
If needed, we can provide biodegradable plates, forks/spoons &amp; napkins.
One part of our mission is to make sure that having fun and eating well isn’t at the cost of an environmental footprint. Support us in choosing our selection of biodegradable disposables. Help us put Wellington on the map for eco-friendly initiatives and diets by catering for your next vegan event and encouraging guests to stay conscious with no-plastic policies.
Need it delivered? If so, where to?
Meals on wheels! We’re happy to deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Wellington. Otherwise, we can arrange to pick up or transfer from a spot closer to your area. Let us know how we can assist you!
Wellington is the sweetest little bubble of action. We’re happy to be in the centre of the action but willing to extend our efforts to reach you. Are you having an epic party and need more hands-on-deck?, Our serve out team has your back. Hire our catering and included servers for an additional rate. Save yourself the hassle of trying to get friends to help, just let them enjoy the party too!

Hare Krishna Vegan Lunch
Hare Krishna Vegan Lunch
Hare Krishna Vegan Food

Kelburn Campus: 09 Nov to 18th Dec 10 am - 3 pm
21 Dec to 08 Jan cafe closed.
Pipitea law school: 23 Nov to Feb - closed