Krishna Cash Cheap

Krishna Cash

Do you love free stuff? You hit the jackpot!

At Krishna Food café when you buy 10 Krishna plates and pay with cash or EFTPOS, you get the 11th one free! For $60 you get 10 Regular Krishna Plates plus one free plate, and for $90 you get 10 Mega Krishna Plates plus one free plate. That’s right, 11 Krishna Plates for the price of 10!
We know, we know… the Krishna Plate is already so affordable how could we possibly offer more of a discount? Well, the truth is that we get great pleasure from rewarding our valued and loyal returning customers with what they love the most – more Krishna plates!



Hare Krishna Cash

Available for purchase and redeemable at our Kelburn campus only.

Say goodbye to the days when you wasted time pondering over what to eat for lunch and realised you didn’t have enough money to get your favourite meal. With the Krishna cash, you can pay for 10 plates ahead of time and come to the café at your convenience to enjoy your delicious vegan meal with no fuss and no worries – sweet as!

The Krishna Cash program allows us to increase the satisfaction of our valued customers at the university and the surrounding community, and also allows us to build relationships with those who regularly come to Krishna café. The Krishna Cash customers are not merely customers, but part of our community – helping us to develop and expand our sustainable vegan community centred around healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Kelburn 10:00am-5:00pm
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