Krishna Story Vegan Restaurant

The Krishna Food Story

Krishna Food – plant-based vegan eats with a bang! A bang for your buck, bang for flavour and a bang for bliss!

Krishna Food is not only bringing you an array of sweet n savoury vegan sensations aka jaw-dropping explosions of taste, belly pleasing, environmentally kind, creative, fresh and affordable treats (huge ups on the sweet deals), but food made with good vibes!

The chefs are happy to be in the kitchen – no grumps allowed, the front of house staff are happy to be serving and all the wholesome ingredients are happy as they are being prepared in a mood of gratitude! Wow. The intention – to permeate peace throughout the entire world one plate at a time.

Krishna Food and conscious living, come be part of it Wellington!

Hare Krishna Lunch Vegan

We started out several years ago on a small outdoor table at Victoria University’s Kelburn Campus. We were a conscious collective group of yoga and vegan food enthusiasts before they were so wildly popular in our lovely little capital (sorry, sometimes we brag a bit, but it’s just because we’re so happy that our hobbies and interests are now world-defining cultural shifts!)

Whether it was windy days or sunny, we were there every day with our staple vegan curries, rice, salad, and dessert. Soon, the students started liking us more than we expected. And yes, we liked the students too.

Today, we sell over 250 of our $6, healthy, plant-based plates at both our Kelburn and Pipetea locations every day. At Kelburn, we recently set up our new cafe. Now we also offer delicious dishes such as lasagna, kumara fries, sausage rolls, a fresh salad bar, samosas, cheesecakes, chocolate pies, and a variety of other yummy plant-based treats.

We also like to do our bit for the community and mother earth. Since its inception, Krishna Food has implemented and built upon waste-free and eco-friendly practices. We also embrace our social responsibility and deliver any remaining food at the end of the day to various homeless shelters around the city.

At the heart of our operation, we strive to cater to you with love – mouth-watering plant-based, vegan, flavorful, colourful, and joyful dishes served up by our friendly staff.

Kelburn Campus: 09 Nov to 18th Dec 10 am - 3 pm
21 Dec to 08 Jan cafe closed.
Pipitea law school: 23 Nov to Feb - closed