Krishna Food Team


Front of House

If she isn’t at the cafe she’ll be teaching utthita parshvakonasana, ardha chandrasana or upavishtha konasana somewhere… Yoga.
Kirtan leader (music mantra meditation, like no other, try this out as soon as possible, amaaazing)
Artistic all-rounder in graphic design / writing / music / cooking /
Can cut really really really straight pieces of all the Krishna cakes you see… with no ruler… with eyes closed… in salamba shirshasana. The Krishna Food Baker. Creates that decadent aroma of freshly baked vegan chocolate chip cookies and samosas every morning!



Pipetea Front of House

Ambassador of compassion, meditation & wisdom teacher, a friend of everyone, Mr (genuinely) nice guy,
having a bad day, cheer up with a plate of Krishna served to you by Bal on Monday or Friday at Pipetea



Kitchen All-Rounder

Pro vegan chef for over seven years. He can even forage the forest for goodness to create with! This guy chops ALL those delightful vegetables you can see in your Krishna curry today, and the 300 + others also eating curry today, and in the samosas, lasagne, salads, sausage rolls (yes they’re vegan) everything you see served here, every day. Big job and big gratitude to Caleb. Meet him at our monthly cooking classes! His passion for cooking is so inspiring!



Marketing & Communications

She missed Krishna Food so much that she recently moved from Auckland back to Wellington just in time for the opening of the cafe. Queen of gift-giving. Krishna Food marketing heroin. Hands up for this paparazzi lady who you have probably met already asking for your photo or video at the cafe… for a free plate of course!
She lets us all know cool things like how Krishna salad dressing can now be brought in BYO bottles, yussss
And when new vegan ice cream flavours come out, yussss.



Front of House
You haven’t known chill until you’ve known Madhupana.

Madhupāna can be found serving delectable Krishna treats at the counter, teaching her monthly meditation or DIY workshops or hustling away in the Kitchen at the Bhakti Lounge down in the city. This girl is so talented! The question is, when will her delicious food have it’s debut here at Krishna Food?



Head Chef

Best vegan chef in town, cooking divine curry for over 300 ppl everyday for over seven years (1000 a day during study week) Must try his pizza! Best mrdanga player in town, hear those mesmerising Vedic drumming beats on Sundays at Bhakti Lounge, artist / comic maker/painter, qualified professor of wisdom, Humility personified.



Front of House

The Soft-hearted, soft-spoken angel, lives by the beach, maybe that’s why she is so peaceful and radiant. Full-time human development studies heroin between serving you plates super fast during the midday lunch rush!
Loves people, loves animals, loves her dog, loves Krishna mango cheesecake
Awww we love Scarlett too!




Probably the cutest manager you’ve ever met in your life, she brings the sweetness perhaps even more than our famous berry slice. Never without her signature smile, she organizes the ins and outs at the cafe like she was born doing it, her natural flair for management and keeping Krishna Food running as smoothly as can be and keeping her team as happy as she is. It’s easy to love work when your boss is as adorable as this! Come to Krishna Food and see for yourself!



General Manager

Thanks to this savvy lady the Krishna Food Cafe exists.
Projector manager, menu manager, staff manager, anything and everything manager.
How many broken down rice cookers and bain maries and freezers and taps and unemptied compost bins has this lady had to fix in her life thus far?! Her warm smile will brighten your day. If you see her around encourage her to open more vegan cafes around town people!



Cooking Class Teacher & Cake Baker

Dame Dessert. We knighted her for the honourable task she does in making irresistible Mango Cheesecakes and Snickers Bars which we’ve all seen can transform a lousy day into a fantastic day! Colourful and creative in the kitchen in both savouries and especially sweets. Learn her vegan kitchen secrets at the monthly cooking class held at the Krishna Cafe.



Front of house

Pretty much always dancing..or singing..or doing something along the lines. Loves Krishna Food and actively has to restrain herself from pocketing all of the samosas for later. Come say hi to Dev and you might even get a joke or prank on the side, you will certainly feel noticed and accepted by this gal she has the biggest heart ever!

Kelburn Campus: 09 Nov to 18th Dec 10 am - 3 pm
21 Dec to 08 Jan cafe closed.
Pipitea law school: 23 Nov to Feb - closed